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Xcuseme App

Guest experience platform for ordering, payment and socially-distant service.

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How it works

Guest scans unique table code

Orders directy from a menu

Tracks order, places requests, chats with staff

Pays the bill & leaves feedback

Why every restaurant should use Xcuseme app

Socially distant service


Faster table rotation


Less staff trips


Improvement in reputation

$3000per table

More annual revenue


The setup process is very simple. Upon signup we will print and ship your unique table top cards (see question #4) with the card holders (about 5 business days). Once you decide what hardware will be used for the Terminal apps (see question #3) and we help you train your staff the setup process is complete and you can schedule the roll out date.
Of course! We provide a range of training options:
  • As the owner you can start with an online demo and help materials to get yourself familiarized with how XcuseMe App platform works.
  • Your dedicated Account Manager will further assist with answering your questions, and scheduling online training sessions with your staff (we can break the staff training into several sessions).
  • If such need arises we can organize a training session at your location for a small one time fee (we recruit local training consultants for that purpose).
The short answer is "no". The long answer is "it depends".

Our platform is designed to work with existing hardware, however in some cases the restaurant might want to purchase additional touch monitors to supplement existing hardware. Here is how we see a typical scenario XcuseMe App platform is designed for:
  • Guests use personal smart phones or tablets - there is no table top hardware necessary (only small instructional cards, see next FAQ).
  • The servers can use a wide variety of existing hardware, depending on restaurant policies: their personal phones, smart watches, tablets, existing POS monitors (either unused, lightly used ones, or ones that can be split and contain a narrow side strip with XcuseMe Terminal App), or new monitors installed specifically for XcuseMe Terminal App.
  • Management can use any device ranging from personal phones to desktops for the management console.
In case your restaurant needs any additional touch monitors/tablets we can supply them at competitive prices, however in order to help our clients with their bottom line we always encourage them to first explore creative ways to avoid these extra costs.
Yes. We supply our clients with individually printed table top cards and holders. You get the choice of 4"x6" cards with acrylic holder, or 2"x6" cards with stainless steel holder, or 4"x4" stickers.

Each card has a unique QR code and table number. We also recommend adding your restaurant's Wifi credentials for your guests' convenience.
We are confident in our product's value proposition, and because of that we want our clients to feel confident with the deal they are getting.

That's why we have no long term contracts and offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Try the product for a month and if you feel that for any reason it is not working for your restaurant we will fully refund our fees.

Note: in that unlikely scenario we would ask you to return all cards, holders, and monitors (if any were supplied by us) before we refund the one-time onboarding fee. Also, please note that any fees paid by us to third parties involved, such as monitor installation and/or staff training are non refundable.
Of course! Your servers will see all signed in users at every table, and every guest can generate orders and service requests, and generate individual payments. We also provide the guests with creative ways to split the bill.
Yes! Many guests prefer to spend their meal in the privacy of their party, and they have an option to flag their table for "Privacy".

Your servers will see this table clearly marked as such, and should avoid interacting with the guests at that table until the guests themselves initiate contact through the app.
Did you know there are over 150 different POS systems available on the market today?

The great thing about XcuseMe App is that we designed it to be POS agnostic. Regardless of what POS is used in your restaurant (if at all) - XcuseMe App would fit right in.

As we are expanding XcuseMe App functionality, we are exploring different ways to integrate with existing POS systems. We will prioritize integration with two types of POS: ones that are integration-friendly, and those used by majority of our clients. Stay tuned!
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